Lizzie*Kate Fan Letter.. LOL

Yes, I wrote a fan letter to a cross stitch designer, Linda from Lizzie*Kate. I was working off a "high" with the 12 Blessing Ornaments and thought I would share my completion with the designer, so I contacted them thru her website.

Hi Linda -

My name is Kim, and Im a fan from Long Lake, Wisconsin. I have all the charts and snippets in my collection and have favored your designs to stitch! So quick and fast!

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful designs that you created for the 12 Blessing ornaments. I stitched every one, and now have made them into ornaments. I thought I would share a picture with you. Many have looked and commented via emails, and comments on the blog - some have even inquired where they can find the charts. :) Again I thank you for your creativiy and I look forward to purchasing more designs to be in the future! Keep up the great work!

You can find a picture of the 12 Blessing ornaments on my blog. Thanks for looking :)


I wasnt expecting to get a reply, but I did today! Thought I would share with you what she responded.

Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for writing! Thanks also for sharing your great photos of the 12 Blessings. It has been a really fun series for us.

I'm hard at work on the 2007 Flip-Its. I have them all designed and stitched. The first couple are finished and photographed and now I'm waiting on printing. We plan to have them in the shops sometime in December.

Thanks for your kind words and your continued support of L*K! Super stitchers like you are what makes my job worthwhile!

Yours in stitches,



Pumpkin said...

That's awesome Kim! I heard about the new series and I'm VERY curious to see what it will be :o)

KaLu said...

thats is sooo cool! congrats on getting a reply.
Your ornaments look great, they are on my wishlist so hopefully next year i can use them in my tree

Meari said...

That's great you got a response!


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