Model for Moonflower Designs

Patty from Moonflower posted the model I stitched for her to a Yahoo group I am in with her. So I thought I would post the finish to my blog.

On the left is the model that I model stitched for her. I believe that there was 7,900+ stitches in the model. I love how I was able to get the curving affect in the design! Turned out really cool!

On the right is the picture that Patty posted to the group, as you can see she added - this is what she posted in the email... "Just for fun, I will share a picture of a new design being released next year. The stitching on this picture was done by my wonderful model stitcher - KIM. I stitched the alphabet in the middle, and that is why I chose to share this, so that she may see what I added. " I really love what she has done with the model! This design is going to be released in 2007. If you would like you can check out Moonflower Designs for more charts available.

And once again, I thought I would post the other models that I stitched for Patty this year. I stitched the daffodils, both on the left and right. I stitched the orange one first. I really loved the experience of model stitching, and I hope to do more in the future!


Shell said...

nice stitching + nice designs something a bit different.Is it easy to part with the stitching once completed ?

Sally said...

Beautiful model stitching Kim but where do you find the time with all the stitching you must want to do for yourself?!

Anonymous said...

The Celtic circle is gorgeous! But how do you part with the things you model stitch??? I don't know that I could ...

Pumpkin said...

As always you do a lovely job Kim :o)


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