Thanks everyone!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Brian and I had a great day! Yesterday Brian and I went to Iron Mountain, Michigan for lunch and some shopping. I got Cars on DVD, and got some groceries. Got home unpacked the stuff, and checked emails, and then I thought I would work on a quilt project. Well I got to the point where I need more material!.. LOL Im sure once I get more material, the quilt will whip up in no time!

Last night, I sat down and started watching Cars... what a cute movie! It had some funny parts! Im sure I will be watching it again! I even got a call from my 3 yr old niece, Natalie. Nat, my sis, and my mom went and saw Elmo Makes Music in Green Bay (I was actually invited but turned them down as I would have had a 110 mile trip home alone, and Im not a fan of driving home in the dark. She enjoyed herself - now I wished I would have gone.. oh well. Next time! :) But it was so cute - Nat sang Happy Birthday to me, what was funny is that she sang "Happy Birthday to you" three times and then said "Happy Birthday to Aunt Kim"... it was a priceless moment :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day! Aren't little ones so thoughtful?

Cathy said...

Hi Kim - Happy Thanksgiving to you today and Happy Belated Birthday.

Awesome Lizzie Kate story - your Blessings ornaments all turned out great!

Take care.


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