Turning Twenty Quilt

Guess how many fat quarters it took to make this quilt?!?! There is a clue in the title of this post.. LOL If you guessed 20, you are correct! This quilt pattern was from a book called, "Turning Twenty". You use 20 fat quarters, cut them up into various indicated sizes and follow the directions and sew it all together!

For this quilt I used flannel material - which I got from the quilt shop. Im making this quilt as a display. I love the bright colors! This thing is huge! And I dont even have a border on it yet!

It calls for a pieced border, but I have to check with my quilting mentor, LJ to find out if I should stick to the pattern, or just do a simple border, cause man oh man, is this quilt BUSY!

I did have a few struggles with the quilt, but I got it all figured out. I had sewn a few of the blocks backwards... grr! So I had to rip a few of them apart, and sew them back together. And also when I cut the fabric the other day, I found that some of the material that was on the bolt wasnt 44".. rather it was only 40". So that makes a big difference. But it was a fun experience!

Also yesterday, I went back to the craft place in Eagle River that was closing yesterday. I picked up some more linen! And I got it all for 50% off! WOOHOO! Im happy!
When I was finished there, I drove up to Iron River, MI, and stopped at the St. Vinny's and got some cross stitch magazines that had some really cute Northwoodsy patterns in it. :) And I also went and visited LJ at the quilt shop, since she was working, and I told her my problem of being short on some of the fat quarters, and I cut some more material that I needed.(and I had to add to the kit that I made with the material I cut out for this quilt.) And then while I was there, I saw a quilt pattern that I would love to do. Its called "Spools", I got some homespun material, both plaid and stripes. I hope to start it on Wednesday, which is my next day off.


Shari said...

this is so pretty Kim!!!! Love it!!! You are so talented with your stitching & your quilting. I wish we lived closer! It would be awesome to spend the day together, stitching & quilting!!!!

Sally said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Kim. So bright and cheerful!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that book ... it's nice to see one done! Great quilting, Kim.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw. It's such fun when someone leaves one!


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