Do you got a satellite dish on your... !?!

Ok, dont laugh! But this picture is TRUE! Reason I know its in my yard!.. LMAO!

Yesterday the technicians were here to hook up our satellite dish for our high speed Internet by satellite. Well I called home about noon yesterday to see how it was going. Brian preceded to tell me that they could not put the dish on the roof of the house cause of the willow trees blocking. Well right behind our house (which is like in a straight line) is the metal shed that you see in the right side of the picture.

You are looking at our OUTHOUSE!!!! Yep we got a dang huge bugger of a dish on the side of our outhouse!! LMAO! Brian claims no one has used it in several years. And I had visions of tearing the shack down in the future.

So I had to take a picture of the outhouse now housing the new dish.. LOL Gosh why do I feel all rednecky!?! LMAO! Going to have to devise a plan to keep the kids off the arm of the dish! Add that to my list of things to do!.. LOL


Cathy said...

That is pretty funny Kim - only in the Wisconsin northwoods!!!

Missy said...


I guess you could always turn it into another "shed"...just put down a new floor or something to store gardening tools.

Can't wait to see that in person!!!

Thanks for the laugh today!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, that's a gas (ha ha!)

Hope to see you at our winter bash in January.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Meari said...

Hahaha. I guess you won't be taking the outhouse down any time soon! That is SO funny.


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