We got SPEED!

We have dealt with dial up for the past how many years.. well I had some really big files that needed to be downloaded, and dial up wasn't allowing it to happen (the emails would time out). Had a source to download from, well long story short. Brian and I decided to get satellite internet! (Well he agreed, and I'm paying for it.. LOL)

So here we are! No complaints yet!.. LOL Been visiting sites I haven't been able to visit do to dial up. So now I need to cancel dial up, and what goes with it, is I lose my newnorth.net emails. So I will be sending out emails to update people in my address book. If you would like to receive my new email address, please leave a comment, and I will send an email to you. :)

The funny part of it all. I really need to take a picture of where the satellite is installed. All I can say its not on the roof.. LMAO!

Can you guess where it was placed?!?!

1 comment:

Meari said...

Isn't high speed great!?!


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