Quilt Time Sampler WIP

Thought I would post a picture of the Quilt Time Sampler that I have been working on (slowly it seems). I have finished the lower half, and wanted to take a picture of the progress before I took it off the Qsnap, and moved it so I can stitch on the top. Im going to be joining in a Winter SAL with the LHN group and stitch the CCN's "Forest Snowfall", and come January 1st, Im going to join the "Two Blue Houses" from LHN with the SAL also.

I did manage to stitch on "Nativity In The Globe" from Bent Creek, while we were waiting for my truck to get repairs on today. I had to call in to work today, as I didnt have a vehicle to get there with. The U joint on the rear drive shaft was shot! I couldnt drive it till I got it fixed. So things are back to normal, now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, fine ... shame me into working on my Quilt Time! *lol* I think that'll be my Christmas day stitching project. Yep, that'll work!
Great progress on yours! It's interesting how we each stitch - you've got the bottom done, I've got the top done. *lol*

Missy said...

Looking good!

: )


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