Forest Snowfall - WIP Day 2

Here is my progress on "Forest Snowfall" from CCN. I had to change the colors to DMC, so I had to compare the colors, and Im quite happy with the results.

I began stitching on this design last night, so you can see its stitching up fast! I took advantage of the day off and sat and stitched. I would have gotten more accomplished but that darn internet kept me busy.. he he

It has rained quite a bit today, which at time was freezing rain, and now tonight it began snowing, and we are under a heavy snow warning till 10am tomorrow. Guess I better get to bed.. I have to work the next 3 days (will be gone from home for 12 hrs each day).. but you gotta be there when your in healthcare!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd say you got a good start on that! :o)

So have you gotten much snow? Please be safe, driving to & from work & all!

Sally said...

What a fantastic start on Forest Snowfall Kim. I'm getting the chart for Christmas ( I hope) so won't be able to start it until well after as my fabby didn't arrive and it was the last post day before Christmas today.
Have wonderful Christmas!


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