My first attempt at ..

Making a pinkeep! I had so much fun that I made a second one!.. LOL (Go Me!)

I had to do some finishing of a coworkers cross stitching that she wanted to give her grown children for Christmas (Which she finished about 20 yrs ago she said). I told her I would help her by getting the finishes on some mounting board, which I did tonight. And she now has to go to a frame shop and get some special sized frames. Since one was 16" X 10", and the other 2 were 9"square.

I used Brian's muscles (I knew he was good for something!.. LOL) to help me cut the mat board. I had a few odd sizes left, so we then cut them up in pieces to be used in the future. Well I guess the future was about 20 minutes after he got done cutting, I had to have him cut a few more.. LOL

So here is the results of the pinkeeps I made to night. I did them differently. I actually attached some twine to hang the pinkeep. I love both of them! Too bad I cant keep them. :( Coming to someone's mail box, soon!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kim! I keep saying I'm going to try my hand at making one ... but haven't yet. You go, girl! :o)

Sally said...

Lovely pinkeeps Kim. I must try my hand at one of these one day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim - your pinkeeps look great! I figured out recently that my rotary cutter cuts right through the mat board. It's alot easier than using a razor or an exacto knife.

(I had to buy another rotary cutter of course; one for fabric, one for everything else - you know the drill!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim - the anonymous comment is from me (Cathy B - With Needle and Thread) - blogger is being weird tonight!

Anonymous said...

So you've been working on Quilt Time Sampler without me?!?!? Hmph! *lol* Mine's going to sit at least a few more days as I want to finish up one or two more ornaments.
How can it already be mid-December???

Mylene said...

Well done, Kim. They looks great!

Shari said...

they look great!!!!! Obviously I haven't checked in lately!!!! You did great!!! You & I could be dangerous together with finishes! Neither of us are afraid to try new things!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!! I love Cathy B's idea about getting an extra blade for the rotary cutter!!!! Gee, something to add to my list for DH!!!!! Shari

Meari said...

Nice pinkeeps! I still have to try my hand at those.


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