Iron River Christmas Parade

Tonight, Brian, myself, and BIL & SIL's kids went to the Iron River, MI Christmas parade. This was the first (of many I hope) Christmas parade they had. Mostly downtown businesses had floats in the parades. Of course they had the Wykon marching band. The parade started at 5:15, and strolled past us about 5:25 or so. We were back in the Explorer @ 6pm

What was best of it all is that you could vote for your favorite float. The kids said they liked #10 - Im not sure which float that one was, cause it I seemed to remember the one I liked by the business name than the number.. LOL The kids even got some candy canes. What was funny is there had to be about 5 floats with Santa's, and It was hard to tell if that was the last Santa or not.. LOL The people where everywhere! Good thing we claimed our curb soon enough.

We left home about 4:30, I had my layers! I was all bundled up. I had 3 pairs of socks on.. my snow boots.. a pair of sweat pants, my Levi's, a thermal long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt. Had snowmobile gloves for my hands, along with a scarf, knitted hat... and I was all bundled up well in my Columbia Double Whammy jacket!

I brought the camera along.... mostly got a few pictures before the parade stared. Its was cold that was for sure! 25 degrees! Burr! Brian did comment that he enjoyed himself.. he was undecided before we went if he could handle it being cold, and umm the people.

So the kids are now home, we stopped at McD's for some supper, but we went thru the drive thru since the place was packed. But we talked about the parade on the way home, and the kids enjoyed themselves! So did Brian and I! Brian is at his parents house - over there telling them about the parade.. so he must have really enjoyed himself, despite the look he gave in the pictures.. LOL

Now if this parade would only put me into the Christmas spirit, and maybe put up the tree for me.. LOL Shucks, wishful thinking!


Shari said...

looks like you guys had a great time!!! So proud of you for taking the kiddos!!!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr! it sounds cold to me. Seems as if you had a great time together. The pictures are great.

Sally said...

Looks like you had a great time Kim! Sounds rather cold though! LOL! Our town's Christmas lights were switched on last night. They really brighten up the town and I love seeing the church illuminated.

Cathy said...

In Minneapolis they have the Holidazzle parade every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's great fun but can sometimes be really cold!


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