SS Package Part 2

I was struck again by my Secret Sister! This I received from Stitching Bits And Bobs,

Lizzie*Kate's Think Autumn..... and ALL the dyed floss!
Sampler Threads -forest glade, fragrant cloves, gold leaf, harvest basket, mulberry, shaker white, sutter green, and from WDW - amber, chesapeake, hazelnut, molasses, onyx, seaweed.

I have picked out a piece of tea colored linen that Im going to stitch this design on.

Thank you soooo much to my Secret Sister!

12 Blessings by L*K - Home

WOOHOO, half way there! Here is the 6th of the 12 I stitched up of the blessings. Hope to have a couple more done this weekend.

Here is "Home" from the 12 Blessings series from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on 28ct white Quaker linen, with DMC floss. Will be finished into a ornament.

This weekend Im going down state to visit my family! Some of us are going to Octoberfest in Appleton tomorrow, and then on Sunday, Mom, Amy, Jenny, and myself are going to be in a craftfair in Greenville. I will be coming home on Monday.... and I will be hubby-less.. LOL Do I hear a trip to Hobby Lobby! OH YEAH!


SBQ Question - Sept 28

Today's SBQ was suggested by Sharon and is:

When you find yourself making a lot of mistakes in various stitching projects do you find it better to muddle your way through or do you take a brief break from stitching? If you do take a break, how long do you take?

Well when I find I have made a mistake, of course I do the ... "grr speech".. LOL And then I will determine how far back I have made the mistake. I usually rip back out to where the mistake was made, and get it stitched back up right away. But honestly - I really dont get the frog much.. watch I probably just jinxed myself.. LOL


12 Blessings by L*K - Peace

Here is "Peace" from the 12 Blessings series from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on 28ct white Quaker linen, with DMC floss. Will be finished into a ornament.

I have to admit this one was super fast! I think I would have had it done sooner, except for I was watching Criss Angel - Mindfreak on A&E. Found myself froggin at times.. LOL Took less than 2.5 hrs.

Next!.... LOL


SS package

Again I signed up to do the Secret Sister exchange in the ILCS Yahoo group. And I received my first SS package today.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I received a package in the mail from my SS!

She blessed me with SASSY'S FABBYS! :)
I received a

  • 15" x 18" Liz's Tiger Lily 14ct Aida
  • 6" x 6" Ocean Reef Blue 14ct Aida
  • 6" x 6" Emerald Metallic 14ct Aida
  • 6" x 6" Pumpkin Pleasure 14ct Aida
  • 6" x 6" Spring Green 14ct Aida
  • 6" x 6" Primarily Blue 14ct Aida

And she stated to be on the look out for another package coming from an online store.. WOOHOO! Thank you to my ILCS Secret Sister (who ever you are)!

Pillows complete!

These are the remaining pillows I needed to finish! WOOHOO its all done! I just love how the Humbe Gratitude pillow turned out! Might keep it for myself if it doesnt sell. If not, Im going to make another one!

12 Blessings by L*K - Song

Here is "Song" from the 12 Blessings series from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on 28ct white Quaker linen, with DMC floss. Will be finished into a ornament. These little ornaments are stitching up really fast! I started on this last night, and had most of it finished. Finished it up this morning. Now, onto the next!

I have also been stitching on a model for Moonflower Designs, and I have been spending a couple hours a day on it. Also, Patty, the designer for Moonflower, sent me a picture of the framed Daffodil that I stitched for her this past summer.

Yesterday I did finish 8 more pillows of my cross stitch finishes. I just have to sew up the seam, and I will take a picture when its all done. So Im off to work on my projects for today! :)


12 Blessings by L*K - Joy

Here is another one!

Here is "Joy" from the 12 Blessings series from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on 28ct white Quaker linen, with DMC floss. Will be finished into a ornament.

Even though I got the day off, I gotta get busy the next 2 days! I gotta get ready for this weekend! Im going to be in a craft fair with my Mom, sister, and sister inlaw down near Appleton this Sunday! So I have a few more pillows I wanna finish up with my cross stitch finishes. Will post a picture when I get more finished.


12 Blessings by L*K - Friends

Well I got me another finish!.. LOL I have deadlines to meet soon, so Ive been spending alot of time stitching, and less time on the computer (is that a good thing or bad?!?!)

Here is "Friends" from the 12 Blessings series from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on 28ct white Quaker linen, with DMC floss. Will be finished into a ornament.

#25 Square WIP

This is a WIP progress pic of a quilt block that Im stitching for a stitching friend. She is making a quilt for her niece, and had asked for volunteers to stitch a block. I had offered to help to stitch a block. I just got the pattern about a month ago, so Ive been slowing putting stitches into it. :) Everything is already backstitched on the stitches shown. I just have more to do in the lower left corner, and some along the bottom. I have a deadline of the beginning of Nov to get to Karin. So its been going into a rotation. Im also stitching on a model, so that is also having attention. So I think that Scared Crow is going to have to keep scaring the crows for a bit longer.. LOL

I just have today off, but I hope to get alittle stitching in! But I know we need to go to Iron River, MI to do alittle shoppin :)

SBQ Question - for Sept 21

Today's SBQ was suggested by Elisabeth and is:
How many pieces have you stitched? Out of these, how many have been for you? How many have had specialty stitches or other techniques besides cross stitch?

Yikes! How many have I stitched... well lets see, well I guess I will have to check out my Webshots album to see what the count says for pictures for each album for the different years.

2003 & 2004 - 62 photos
2005 - 69 photos
2006 - 34 photos

I have stitched birthday gifts for my Mom, Dad, my MIL, brother, Glen, and my sister Amy. I have stitched for each niece and nephew, baby samplers. I have stitched wedding designs for my Sis and BIL, for my Bro & SIL, for my cousin, BIL & SIL, and another BIL & SIL. For the ones I kept for myself that I have stitched was the Pinetop Lodge by LHN, Heaven In the Pines by 4 My Boys, and a Northwoods Welcome design.

Ive done a few daisy stitches here and there.. but I mainly stitch to the good ole "X" :)


12 Blessings by L*K - Love

Ive been put up to a challenge at work, to stitch some ornaments for a Christmas tree that will be displayed at a local grocery/mini mall, the beginning of December. Well the theme we are going to be going with is something with homespun. Using hobby items as ornaments - knitting needles, thread spolls, yarn, etc.

So I suggested that I could stitch the 12 Blessings by Lizzie*Kate, so here is my first one!
Its called "Love" I stitched it on white 28ct Quaker linen. I will be finishing it into ornaments when I get them all finished!

I had a fabulous trade of Quaker linen with a friend in Canada! Ive just started to get into linen! Im still an Aida girl at heart, but Im human... I gotta explore!

Some Finishes

Thought I would post some of my finishes I have well, umm finished lately!.. LOL I took completed cross stitch designs and made them into little decorating pillows.

I do have a few more to up yet, but that will have to wait till Friday when I have my next day off.

Weekend Retreat Pictures

This past weekend, Brian and I escaped to our family's cottage. I had a wedding to attend, and I was going to take my niece, Natalie, so she could dance while we were there (my sister also went with us.)

Brian and I left on Saturday morning, and arrived at our cottage at 1:30p. My brother, and sister inlaw, and niece were already there, riding on the 4wheeler. Shortly later, my parents arrived, and then later, my sister, Amy along with Natalie and Kaylee arrived. We sat around for a bit, and I worked on some finishes that I was stuffing with polyester stuffing - my sister even helped! My mom announced that she had some cross stitching books for me, so I told her, well she better get it now, or else.. LOL. Got some cute xstitching books, mostly hard cover. We headed out again to a rummage sale! I even managed to get 2 xstitching mag., that I will be using to stitch a couple designs from! When we got back to the cottage, we took off again to go out to eat for the evening, we went to a supper club. We had to stop at the gas station to get supplies for s'mores. Well Dad had to use the bathroom, and in the mean time I got the s'mores. Well he also came out with some soda and a bag with .. you guess it! More s'more supplies!.. LOL Got back to the cottage, and Amy, Nat, and I started getting ready for the wedding reception of a coworker of mine. Natalie LOVES to dance! We did the traditional wedding dances - Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide. And I think that Natalie was carried more by strangers than Amy carried her all day!

I even got Natalie and Amy in a cute photo while we were at the wedding reception!

We got back to the cottage, about 9:45p., and had microwave s'mores! YUMMY! What are microwave s'mores you ask!?! Well you put the graham cracker on a plate, then put your chocolate, and then a marshmellow, put it in the microwave for 10 - 15 seconds (depending on the amount your making and watch the marshmellows rise! Place another graham cracker on the top, and wah la!

Here is a pic of Nat, Mom and Glen enjoying the
microwave s'mores (we were too lazy to sit out by the campfire, and thought the microwave was easy enough!.. LOL)

Sunday morning we went for breakfast at our favorite Sunday morning resturant in Poy Sippi.
We got back to the cottage, and began riding the 4wheeler, and the golf cart! I even had Natalie driving the golf cart, boy did she have fun!

Brian and Natalie had a blast on the golf cart, Im not sure who had more fun, Nat or Brian.. LOL I couldnt take it any more so I had to take a nap, since the Packers werent very exciting!

Our plan was to come home today, but we decided to come home last night... good thing we did, cause I had loads to do today! Cleaned the house this morning - did the dishes, vacuum, did 2 loads of laundry, hung them out on the line. Worked on my finishings, and worked on some stitching. Completed a project, which I will post in a little bit, and worked on a quilt block for a friend! Hope to work on my model yet tonight, will see! Just wanted to post some pictures form this weekend!

Kaylee chomping on her sister's shoe! I sure wished I got a picture of her smile, its sooo cute!

Forgotten Camping Pics

I found some camping pictures on my camera when I was downloading the pics on to my laptop. We had gone camping our once and only time on August 29, now we cant say we didnt get to go camping at all this past summer. As I tell Brian, I had a "life" this summer!.. LOL I found myself working at the quilt studio getting prepped for the quilt show, and have been just extremely busy this past summer for anything else! Completed the quilt for the retreat, and stitching on models, other projects, time just slipped away! Now I hope that winter slips away fast also, as I hate the long cold months.

I took the pictures after we had gotten up in the morning.. couldn't take them the night before as we were setting up the tent as it was getting dark out! Yeah it was one of those.. wanna go camping?!?! Heck we were packed and out to camp within the hour! So I thought I would share that we did get camping this past summer... now only if we can go more next year!


What day is it?!?!

Yes Im still alive! Man Oh Man! Lots has happen since my last post! Well lets see, my last post was on the 6th. Well I was off last week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Wednesday I worked on some finishing of the finishes I have completed - didnt get far. I remember we went to Iron Mountain on Thursday, and went shopping, and Brian insisted we stop at Dairy Queen so he could try the Meltdown burger (thanks to the commercial!) .. LOL.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had to work. Friday night I got home from work and was informed that Brian's mom had fallen earlier in the evening. Well the time finally came and off to the hospital they went. Around midnight we were informed that she did indeed have a broken hip. She had surgery on Sunday morning. On Monday afternoon, Brian and I went to Rhinelander to visit her, and did some grocery shopping. So today, I was working on finishing more finishes today, still have more to do.. so hopefully in a week or two I will be finished - just need to have it done by Sept 30.

On the stitching front Im working on a quilt block for a friend - the deadline is Nov 1st, so Im really chugging along on it. Im working on a couple stitching projects at once it seems. Hope to start a quilt project soon!

Well I hope it isnt a long time before another post. Take care of yourselves!


Color Picture of the Cross Stitch Quilt

This is the colored picture of the quilt that I made for a friend that I took to the retreat in Omaha in August. I have posted a black and white photo in an earlier post, that was a scan of the picture in the paper. I had asked the reporter that took the picture if I could have a color picture, since I had never got a "finished" picture of the completed quilt.. Imagine that! So she was kind enough to send it. I have also asked Debra for a picture of the quilt.. this is the picture that she sent. Thanks for taking a picture Debra! It means a million!
I find it cool, that just this past weekend I had a family member of one of the resident's say that they saw me in the paper. And commented on how talented I was.. and it sure showed in the work I do with the residents also!


Humble Gratitude

This adorable design (if I say myself) is called "Humble Gratitude" from 4 My Boys. Stitched over 2 threads with 2 strands of DMC floss, on 28ct light colored evenweave (not sure of the color as it was a remnant).

I had seen it stitched by Shari last year, and she was very generous and sent the chart on to me! When I was going thru my Autumn charts to stitched, this was one of them.

In other news.. I'm on a finishings mood with my completed cross stitch projects that need to be finished some how - either framing, making pillows, wall hangings, or an ornaments. I hope to make a pinkeep, cube-it, and a flat-fold yet. I will post some pictures tomorrow, as I get more done. :)


Sharing Letters

Sharing Letters a freebie from SanMan Originals. Stitched on 18ct lite fiddlers aida, with DMC floss. This was a SAL project with Elaine.


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