Cozy Brian?!?

Yesterday morning, 9am the phone rang. My parents were planning on coming up for the weekend (and I wasnt aware)! So I hopped out of bed, got busy.. lol Well the house is clean - but you know it never is. So I got busy with that.. and they arrived about 1:30p. We went sat around our house for a bit, visited, and even went shopping.

Got to their hotel room (they tried 3 other hotels in the area... all booked!). Its funny - they got a room with a whirlpool right in the room. After we got back to their room from going out to eat and having an awesome dinner.

Brian crawled in the whirlpool, and pretended to sleep... LOL My dad comes into the room and ask Brian if it wants a pillow.. LOL
My parents arrived back to our place this morning and we went out to eat. They were on the way home around 1pm. And I have been busy stitching away! Just took a break to get supper ready, and noticed the sunset - which I will post a pic shortly.


Pumpkin said...

He sure does look cozy Kim ;o)

Renee said...

That's great Kim!! Too bad your parents didn't turn the water on him!! Give him a nice comfy "water" bed. heehee

Meari said...

Ha! Love that pic. (I want a whirlpool tub!!!)


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