The Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend! - just got home about and hour ago from visiting my family. Didn't even get to do any stitching, the kids has me just a hoppin! I did manage to get to the Super Bowl sale in Green Bay at The Stitching Bee, did some stash shopping. Got Hinziet's "Princess" (my 3yr old niece picked out WDW - Emma's Pink), "Grandmother" for my Mom (she picked out GAST - Hyacinth), for my sister I found Heart In Hand's "Sunflower Sampler", Heart In Hand "Independence Day Round About kit". Got me some more WDW in the Holiday Collection. I also managed to make a good dent in the remnant bin.

This morning I went with my sister to the ER, as my youngest niece was running a high temp and vomiting, and my sister called Nurse Direct and they advised us to go to the ER. So, 4am, we were out and about!!! Guess what the temp said on the scrolling sign... -19, yes you read that... it was 19 below when we went. And with the windchill it was -35. It was sooooooo cold!!! All the schools in area were cancelled, and some are already cancelled for tomorrow. Suppose to get down to -21 tonight yet... not including the windchill BURRR!!!


Susieq said...

I hope they found out what was wrong with your neice and she is going to be OK.


Michele said...

Nice new stash you got! Hope your neice is getting better and they found out what's wrong.

brrrrr that is dammmmm cold!

Shell said...

boy oh boy - that sounds pretty cold,good excuse to stay home and stitch

Pumpkin said...

We're feeling the cold too Kim! I hope your neice is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are all freezing. Stay warm and happy stitching. Hope your niece is feeling better soon.


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