WIP Wedding Row - Feb 10th

This is a WIP of Wedding Row from Bent Creek. I had started it last Friday. With being sick, being gone for the weekend, and working, I didnt get to work on it much.

Im stitching it on Sugared Coffee from Sassy's using the WDW, and GAST it calls for.


Cathy said...

You're off to a great start on Wedding Row!

Lelia said...

Well ... I like your WIP so far. It looks nice!

I've been working on an afghan square on/off today.

Next week, I'll get my game board out & try to add more squres. You are waaaaay further than I ... and you have a lot of border, too.

I really should get moving on the border and alphabet each week!!

Nicole and Phil said...

This is looking really great!
Look forward to see the rest of it!

Shari said...

it looks great! I bet you will have this done in no time, if it is your priority stitch!!!
Keep up the great work!!

Pumpkin said...

Nice start Kim :o)

Mary Ann said...

Wonderful start on Wedding Row!!

Myrna said...

Wedding Row is looking good! I enjoyed stitching that one up for my hubby. :-)

Meari said...

It looks good so far, Kim!


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