Taxes are DONE!!

Brian has been nagging me, and I thought I better do them, before he loses his shorts.. LOL So I have them completed, and sent it in electronically... so SHOW ME THE $$$!!

Im finally starting to feel normal again. Last night was the first time since Friday I had stitched! I did work on "Wedding Row" from Bent Creek, last night. Might put a few stitches into SGB tonight. Gotta work the next 3 days. Is it Monday yet?!?!


Pumpkin said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel human again Kim. It's no fun being sick :o(

You're getting money back! Oh I hope that's the case with me :o)

Lelia said...

glad you are back to normal!!! LOL.

Good going on filing your taxes already. I am in the process of 'gathering' up the papers.

Plus, have DD's three jobs & their forms -- DS's job ... after I get it all together, I hand it over to DH!!

TGIF, enjoy your week-end

Meari said...

I just did up my taxes last week, too. Then I chewed out my parents for going to PAY someone to do theirs when their daughter works for an accounting firm... ie I can do them for free!!


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