Valentines Gift From Brian

I always knew Brian could draw - he drew my sister's front cover of her wedding bulletins, and when I first moved in and was doing cleaning I was coming across pictures that he had drawn. Well I have been bugging him to get back into drawing, the only problem is he likes to 'copy' characters. So I bought him a drawing pad recently.

So we were talking about what we wanted for Valentines and I said I would like for him to draw me a picture or something.. cause if didn't he would have to buy me a big expensive gift or something.. LOL Well as you can see he took the drawing option.

He was in the computer room for along time tonight, and finally came out and asked for the color pencils. So I gave them to him, and later on he came out with my Valentines gift. :)


Shari said...

wow Kim!!!
That is so special! I would take that kind of gift ANY DAY!!!
He did a great job!!!!

Peg said...

What a wonderful gift! Something from the heart means so much more doesn't it? He sure has got talent you should encourgage him to persue that.

Meari said...

Oh... How sweet! I love homemade gifts over store bought ones any day.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, such a wonderful gift! He certainly has a talent for drawing!!

Sally said...

Wow that is fantastic! What a wonderful gift and something straight from the heart.

Pumpkin said...

That is SO sweet Kim :o) He does a good job!

Nancy in IL said...

What a totally awesome gift from the heart that shows real artistic ability. I would cherish such a wonderful work of art as a gift. I have things like that covering my fridge from little ones. WTG, Brian!


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