This Blog is now a "Feed"

Trish had left a comment regarding putting my blog as a feed. Well it is now a feed, so click away!! I love the Google Reader.. its so nice. Of course I use Internet Explorer 7, and its right there on the web brower task bar. :)

Edited to add - if you dont understand what a "feed" is.. well you dont spend enough time on the net. No - Im kidding.. LOL.

You need to have 2 things - a google account (or gmail account), you log on to Google, then go into Google Reader, you add the blogs or sites you wish to get updates showing when a site has been updated. Then with Internet Explorer 7 (which I have), you can see when a site has an updated feed (or post). And where the favorite sites are kept, it will also show when a feed (site you have selected) has made a update. Since Blogrolling is not working properly, this is how I check when others have made a post on their blogs.


Pumpkin said...

What's a feed Kim?

Loonie said...

yeah -kim - what's a feed? can I eat it? ;-)

Meari said...

Is it better than blogrolling.com? I'm not sure I like BR. :-(


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