SFE(s) Finished

Awhile back I posted that I had finished these L*K designs.

Well I finished them into a couple of Small Finish Exchanges for ILCS. I sent them out back on Feb 14th. I'm aware that the Cat Lover one has been received, but I have not heard if the Dog Lover one has been or not. I was just going thru my pictures that needed to be posted - and found this one.

I had to call into work today. Last night when I said I had woken up from sleeping on the couch - I just wasnt feeling good. Well I just woke up about 3pm this afternoon. I came down with the stinking flu during the night! I called in to work this morning. The Norovirus flu (can be either end) has been sweeping our nursing home by storm. Several of my coworkers and residents have been sick with it. And it just finally wound up getting me last night. I'm doing ok now. Thank God this thing only takes 24 hrs to get our of the system. So hopefully I will be better to go back to work tomorrow.


Mary Ann said...

Cute little pillows, Kim! I know the recipients will love them. And, I hope you feel better soon!!

Sally said...

Your dog and cat pillows are lovely. I need to get myself motivated and finish some of my stuff up.

I hope you're feeling much better today{{{{HUGS}}}}

Pumpkin said...

Well done on the pillows Kim :o)

Oh no! Not that flu :o( I hope you feel better real soon!


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