Who's been praying for???

Ok, who has been praying for snow ... can knock it off now!! LOL

Our forecast is calling for 10 - 18 inches of snow in the next 2 days! We are already under a Winter Storm Warning on Thursday - Friday. Schools are already getting cancelled in our area! And what is sooooo great! I gotta drive in this lovely white stuff on Friday!
Well I guess Mother Nature is having some major PMS problems! We should have had all this snow 2 months ago! Im so ready for SUMMER! I wanna be sleeping in a tent, not under a heating blanket!.. LOL
Pray for a small amount of snow... PLEASE!!!


Is It Coffee Yet? FINISH

This adorable finish is from Lizzie*Kate's new chart 'Coffee Crazy' called - "Is It Coffee Yet?"

I stitched it on 32ct over 2 Iced Cappuccino with DMC floss. It took me about 2.5 hrs last night to stitch - that's including the froggin! Hope to turn it into a pinkeep.



Ok, I started on this piece of fabric doing an over 1 design. Since the last SBQ - asking about the smallest count.. I thought I would give it a try. I have to say.. I give you people credit for doing anything over one! I chose a piece that was 32ct. Ain't for me! That I found out. So I ripped out the design, but I needed something small enough to stitch on this piece as it wasn't the biggest piece.

So I looked thru a magazine and came up with this little motif. I took it from a design. I'm calling it "Mini ABC 123" finish (JCS Oct '06 - from Mrs. Noah's Needle, by Gail Bussi), I stitched it on 32ct Iced Cappuccino with DMC floss. Of course the scan of the finish does not do it any justice!

Wedding Row Finish

If you follow my blog, this WIP I'm sure you have seen way before SGB as I was working on this for my uncle's upcoming wedding. Well with being sick and all, I have been slowly been putting stitches into it. Well I'm happy to announce that my Wedding Row (by Bent Creek) is now complete.

Renee (Thanks again Renee!) was kind enough to get me all the WDW and GAST threads for this design. Gosh they sure don't skimp around on the threads do they!? I only had about a 2 -12" with 4 ply of thread left! I special ordered the fabric from Sassy's (Thanks again Lauren), 18ct Sugared Coffee. I just loved the color!

Of course the WDW whitewash thread color wasn't bright enough to stand out on the fabric. So I had to add some backstich to make it stand out. I plan to make this into a pillow.

Naturally, since we have gotten the wedding invitation, a "no gifts please" request was on the invite. But I'm going to ignore it. :) I think it just so cool if you have something handmade that symbolizes your wedding date!

My sister and her hubby (fiancee at the time) gave us an afghan with our names and wedding date. My brother and his wife (gf at the time) gave us our wedding photo album. And my parents... well they gave us a washer.. which it died on us.. LOL But we still loved the gesture of the large gift.


SFE(s) Finished

Awhile back I posted that I had finished these L*K designs.

Well I finished them into a couple of Small Finish Exchanges for ILCS. I sent them out back on Feb 14th. I'm aware that the Cat Lover one has been received, but I have not heard if the Dog Lover one has been or not. I was just going thru my pictures that needed to be posted - and found this one.

I had to call into work today. Last night when I said I had woken up from sleeping on the couch - I just wasnt feeling good. Well I just woke up about 3pm this afternoon. I came down with the stinking flu during the night! I called in to work this morning. The Norovirus flu (can be either end) has been sweeping our nursing home by storm. Several of my coworkers and residents have been sick with it. And it just finally wound up getting me last night. I'm doing ok now. Thank God this thing only takes 24 hrs to get our of the system. So hopefully I will be better to go back to work tomorrow.


Sampler Game Board - FINISHED!!!

I'm happy to present... Sampler Game Board by Drawn Thread! Sorry for it looking wrinkled - but it just came off the Qsnap, and with the excitement I didn't want to iron it.. LOL

I cant believe its finished! I loved stitching this gameboard! I began this project on Jan. 17, and have stitched all but 7 days on it, since beginning. I chose 28ct Tan Marble from Sassy for the fabric and used the suggested DMC floss for it. I will be getting it framed and Brian has already asked to use it as a gameboard in the future. :)

I was asked if I could post a picture of the SGB upside down to show the motifs, which are upside down.

Thanks to all that have left comments and taken the time to watch the progress of the SGB. You all were my inspiration! Thank you so much!


SBQ - February 21

Today's SBQ was suggested by Kathryn:

What is the smallest count fabric you have ever used? Did you stitchover one? Conversely, what is the largest count fabric you have ever used?

The smallest count of fabric I have used was 32 ct, but over two. Never have attempted over one.. but I plan to in the future. The largest would have been 11ct, as I did something with waste canvas.


SGB WIP Progress Report - Feb 18

With the use of my own smoking needles... I thought I would show the progress I made since I have last posted an update.

Since I last updated on Thursday, Friday I have stitched; 2, 0, 0, 7, completed the border. Then over the weekend I completed 4 houses, 2 motifs, and did stitching on other areas. I have a feeling this will be coming to an end within the next week or so.

I had to chuckle, while my parents were here I said.. "hope you know, you are cutting into my sttiching time" ... you think Im additcted or something?!?! LOL

A Northwoods Sunset

I'm always fascinated with sunsets ... and tonight it was gorgeous! Of course you can never get the camera to cooperate when you want it too. So I just saved all the pics and picked the best one.

Cozy Brian?!?

Yesterday morning, 9am the phone rang. My parents were planning on coming up for the weekend (and I wasnt aware)! So I hopped out of bed, got busy.. lol Well the house is clean - but you know it never is. So I got busy with that.. and they arrived about 1:30p. We went sat around our house for a bit, visited, and even went shopping.

Got to their hotel room (they tried 3 other hotels in the area... all booked!). Its funny - they got a room with a whirlpool right in the room. After we got back to their room from going out to eat and having an awesome dinner.

Brian crawled in the whirlpool, and pretended to sleep... LOL My dad comes into the room and ask Brian if it wants a pillow.. LOL
My parents arrived back to our place this morning and we went out to eat. They were on the way home around 1pm. And I have been busy stitching away! Just took a break to get supper ready, and noticed the sunset - which I will post a pic shortly.


SGB WIP Progress Report - Feb 15

Well I have to move the fabric again on the Qsnap, so I thought I would show what I have done in the past two days (it was mostly tonight that I stitched the most.) On Tuesday I stitched W, X, Y, Z and the white house to the right and some of the border. Tonight I stitched the squirrel, bee, the blue house, the bird to the left of the border, and K, I, M.

Before I forget - I just want to THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful comments you have left. The comments are very appreciated!!

SBQ - February 14

Today's SBQ is:

Do you like to buy "chartpacks" that include charms, buttons, and/or beads or do you prefer to gather all materials yourself?

This is a good question, as I have found myself in this dilemma in the past. I tend not to buy the charts that come with all the floss and material, as there are times when I run out of thread and of course the colors are all wrong. But if the chart is worth it, I will but the chart pack.

Now I'm not a big one for buying all the fancy buttons and charms. I'm pretty much plain and simple (just how I live). Heck alot of times, like with the L*K's charts I wont even use the buttons on the finish design. Weird I know!.. LOL But then there are times when I'm looking for a certain bead color/number - then I'm running from store to store looking.. then I wish it was included.. LOL


Valentines Gift From Brian

I always knew Brian could draw - he drew my sister's front cover of her wedding bulletins, and when I first moved in and was doing cleaning I was coming across pictures that he had drawn. Well I have been bugging him to get back into drawing, the only problem is he likes to 'copy' characters. So I bought him a drawing pad recently.

So we were talking about what we wanted for Valentines and I said I would like for him to draw me a picture or something.. cause if didn't he would have to buy me a big expensive gift or something.. LOL Well as you can see he took the drawing option.

He was in the computer room for along time tonight, and finally came out and asked for the color pencils. So I gave them to him, and later on he came out with my Valentines gift. :)

SGB WIP Progress Report - Feb 13

Im at a point where I need to move the Sampler Game Board, since I have run out of available fabric to stitch comfortable. I figure I have stitched about 20 days on this baby. I know my ticker says I started it 27 days ago, but I did take a week off from stitching SGB do to being sick, work, and being out of town.

So here is my progress so far. My last picture was taken on Feb 1st. So since then I have stitched 6 houses, and 3 motifs, and the letters t, u, v, and some more on the border.
So you can see Im more than half way done! I only have 10 house, 9 motifs, the rest of the border, and letters to go! Im hoping I have this done by the end of March - but I might have to take a break to work on Wedding Row - just got the wedding invitation yesterday in the mail, the wedding is March 24th.


WIP Wedding Row - Feb 10th

This is a WIP of Wedding Row from Bent Creek. I had started it last Friday. With being sick, being gone for the weekend, and working, I didnt get to work on it much.

Im stitching it on Sugared Coffee from Sassy's using the WDW, and GAST it calls for.

SFE from Vicki

This is a SFE from Vicki (from ILCS Yahoo group). I think its just adorable!! Will be great to use it as a small bag for carrying my smaller projects when I travel.
Thanks Vicki!


Taxes are DONE!!

Brian has been nagging me, and I thought I better do them, before he loses his shorts.. LOL So I have them completed, and sent it in electronically... so SHOW ME THE $$$!!

Im finally starting to feel normal again. Last night was the first time since Friday I had stitched! I did work on "Wedding Row" from Bent Creek, last night. Might put a few stitches into SGB tonight. Gotta work the next 3 days. Is it Monday yet?!?!

SBQ - Feb 7

Today's SBQ was suggested by Danielle and is:

Have you ever been to a stitching retreat?

Yes I have!!! I loved it! Last summer I met 4 other stitchers from the ILCS Yahoo group, in Omaha, Nebraska. The main purpose I had gone was to present the cross stitch quilt I had organized and put it all together. We went to the zoo, ate together, stitched together, and shopped together. It was a blast!! Im going to be going to Indiana in June to meet up with more members of ILCS. CANT WAIT!!

This a pic of me showing off what I brought along to show and share.

Now, if I could only find something closer.. he he.


The Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend! - just got home about and hour ago from visiting my family. Didn't even get to do any stitching, the kids has me just a hoppin! I did manage to get to the Super Bowl sale in Green Bay at The Stitching Bee, did some stash shopping. Got Hinziet's "Princess" (my 3yr old niece picked out WDW - Emma's Pink), "Grandmother" for my Mom (she picked out GAST - Hyacinth), for my sister I found Heart In Hand's "Sunflower Sampler", Heart In Hand "Independence Day Round About kit". Got me some more WDW in the Holiday Collection. I also managed to make a good dent in the remnant bin.

This morning I went with my sister to the ER, as my youngest niece was running a high temp and vomiting, and my sister called Nurse Direct and they advised us to go to the ER. So, 4am, we were out and about!!! Guess what the temp said on the scrolling sign... -19, yes you read that... it was 19 below when we went. And with the windchill it was -35. It was sooooooo cold!!! All the schools in area were cancelled, and some are already cancelled for tomorrow. Suppose to get down to -21 tonight yet... not including the windchill BURRR!!!


This Blog is now a "Feed"

Trish had left a comment regarding putting my blog as a feed. Well it is now a feed, so click away!! I love the Google Reader.. its so nice. Of course I use Internet Explorer 7, and its right there on the web brower task bar. :)

Edited to add - if you dont understand what a "feed" is.. well you dont spend enough time on the net. No - Im kidding.. LOL.

You need to have 2 things - a google account (or gmail account), you log on to Google, then go into Google Reader, you add the blogs or sites you wish to get updates showing when a site has been updated. Then with Internet Explorer 7 (which I have), you can see when a site has an updated feed (or post). And where the favorite sites are kept, it will also show when a feed (site you have selected) has made a update. Since Blogrolling is not working properly, this is how I check when others have made a post on their blogs.

Farve is coming back!

WOOHOO!! It will be announced on tv at 3p, announcing that Brett Farve had made it known that he will be joining the Green Bay Packers for his 16th year!

Oh that is such happy news!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Now the bad news, I got sent home with a temp of 102... so Im going to bed shortly, and sleeping this darn cold off!!


SGB WIP Progress Report - Feb 1

Just think - I was suppose to start this SAL with a few others today. Good thing I started when I had the excitement to stitch on it. Cause Im so glad that I have!

Well its been a week since I have done an update on the Sampler Game Board. I have been working on at least 1 house/motif block a night. I had to work the weekend, and found myself dealing with another cold. And when I would come home from work, I would try to stitch, but then would end up going straight to bed.

I have all my supplies now for Wedding Row from Bent Creek, and I hope to get a nice start on it this weekend while Brian and I head down state to visit my family.


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