As I sit here and eat my pineapple chunks...

.... I'm reflecting on the day. I wonder, where the heck it went!

Here its almost 9:00pm! What did I accomplish today... not a whole lot, that I can say. I remember I was playing on eBay for a bit. Bid on some charm packs (since Ive fallen in love with them) - they are so easy to make them into a table runner. And that's another thing I did this evening. Got out another charm pack and put together a table runner. I'm at the point where I need to pin the batting and backing fabric to the quilt top. But I'm saving that for another day...

Spent about 1.5 hrs online emailing different printing places in Appleton and Oshkosh area to get a quote on the posters for my Dad's benefit. Gosh, not cheap at all. But I'm still waiting to hear back from a few businesses. So fingers crossed. Talked with my sister throughout the afternoon, catching up on benefit planning news.

I had to scratch the idea of mowing the lawn today.. the belt on the mower is broke. MIL is not too happy about that. So I will have to wait till next week to get a belt.

Now its time to eat my last pineapple chunk, and go and stitch.


Rachel said...

You've been busy stitching I see as usual you do such a good job!! Enjoy that pineapple..its my favorite fruit but the hardest to cut fresh!!!

Rachel said...

It sounds like you have been busy today. It is very easy to get addicted to those charm packs, I have gotten a few of those myself in the past, haven't used them yet, but they are here for me to look at, lol. I hope you enjoyed your pineapple! It's so yummy. Have fun stitching!


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