Oh boy..

I think I may have picked up another hobby.. I need help!

Last night, I seen on someone's blog about a site, you can use to alter your photos.. and I just had to go and see. Its bookmarked for future fun!

But here is what I came up with..
This picture was taken over the 4th of July weekend at my grandparents, with my sister, Mom, nieces and my grandma. My sister loves it!


Rachel said...

Kim, that picture is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Kim - I've looked everywhere; how do I order the qsnap huggers? I'd like the 6" and 8" sizes please. Thanks!

Debra said...

Kim, that is really neat.
Debra in Indiana

zoomcity said...

That looks fun! What's the site? Oh, and I nominated you for an award, since you're so Kreativ. :o)

Rachel said...

Love the picture..that looks like a fun site!!!

Doris said...

i like the picure, and the fact that inside is four generations! is amazing!

Carolyn said...

Love your photo..where is the website..I would love to try it myself..

Have a great day:)

Kim said...

That is a wonderful photo that I am sure you will treasure for many years.

I have also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. I check your blog out quite frequently and I always find a wealth of inspiration and enabling of course :) You can pick up the award and the details are in my blog.

Shari said...

how neat!!! Love the picture. Memories for sure!!

shutterbug said...

I love the look of that picture Kim. Will you share the site please?
Pretty cool about the Packer stuff. Well, DH isn't happy about Brett. He's a huge Cowboys fan. :o)
Hugs, Elaine


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