Long Lake Parade

Last Tuesday - I was at the post office to mail off a couple things, and I was looking at the bulletin board.. and I read the poster about the parade apart of the Long Lake Fireman's picnic., and thought.. hey.. we should do something fun!

The theme was "Christmas in July". I came home and told Brian about my idea - well, we had to go and ask his brother Jimmy if we could borrow his trailer. Well, we got talking and next thing we know, we are planning a float for Brian's church. I offered to drive my truck pulling the trailer. We came up with a float theme - which was "Jesus is the Light of the World" - and we used candles to showcase the "light". Brian and Jimmy sat on the back of the hatch and Brian played his banjo, and Jimmy played the harmonica. They played "I Saw The Light", and the riders (congregation members) on the float were to sing along - but they seemed to get involved in throwing the candy.

Brian made the cross on the back of the trailer. It was amazing to see the people along the parade route.. it was great to see the turn out. It was alot of fun! We all had a blast, and enjoyed the fellowship before, during, and after the parade.

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Debra said...

Kim, great pictures.
Debra in Indiana


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