Tap, Tap, is this this working!?!

Well, hello there, I bet you didnt even realize I have been absent, and to those that did notice -THANK YOU!

As you see, the post before is from June 19th - and its been how many days... 1, 2, 3, 4....... 16, 17, 18 days since I even thought of doing a blog entry. Heck, I should rephrase that... even had the time to post one!

Man oh man.. where are the days going!! I'm so thankful its summer, yes - but where is the time going! At the present time, I'm only working 3 days a week at the nursing home, and then one Saturday a month at the quilt shop (cause my hours would be limited to 4 hrs a day - its not worth the gas (at $4.24 a gallon) to make the trip to town to work. So, I'm having all this extra time on my hands.

So, allow me to back up and fill you up to date as what has been keeping me busy. On June 21st, I had to work at the quilt shop, and as soon as I was finished - I headed home to pick up Brian, as were heading to my sister's for the next 5 nights/6 days. While we were down there, we had our first organization meeting for our Dad's benefit. It was well attended, and we got alot done for our first meeting. Some of us went home with a to do list. Mine included contacting the Green Bay Packers, the Green Bay Gamblers (which we got a response last week), and the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. I was fortunate to pick up a over night stay for the AmericInn in Iron River, and I was very pumped up about it. I'm keeping up on my side of the organizing. We don't have much time, but we are chugging right alot. I have faith that when September 13th comes, we are going to have one heck of a time - FUN time that is!!

While we were down visiting my family - we had the pleasure of joining Natalie (4.5yrs old), and Kaylee (2.5 yrs old) while they took their swimming lessons. I watched for 2 of the mornings (hey.. I had to stop at the quilt shop in Omro and look around.. didnt think I was going to spend the whole swimming lesson in the shop.. but $38 later, I was done..LOL) - Brian went with the girls on 3 swimming lesson. It was a nice time in the morning to just sit and watch the girls swim and soak up a few sun rays - and got the tan to prove it..LOL). On the last day there, we (us plus, Amy, Nat, Kaylee, Jenny, Conway)even all went swimming - including Brian. We all had fun!

My sister Amy, and SIL-to-be Jenny, have been doing a wonderful job on planning the benefit for my Dad. While down state, we went around to couple of the business to ask if they would be willing to have a can to collect money for the benefit. It was alot of fun, and I wished (and I'm sure my sister wishes I was there to help) I was closer to help out more. But I'm doing everything I can on my end.

We had a great time visiting my parents, the rest of the family, and even got to have lunch with my Grandma. I haven't seen her since.... gosh. I think December. Sad isn't it!? The only shopping I did while there was at the quilt shop, and a couple DVDs I found for the girls at a rummage sale. The rest of my $$ went into the gas tank.

Also, while down at my old stomping grounds, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet another stitcher! I met Gail one evening, and we sat in her living room and just talked! It was great seeing her stitching, and spending some time with someone, rather than talking back and forth over the net. We hope to get together in the future. Thanks Gail for inviting me into your home, and for the wine cooler, it was nice and refreshing!

My sister said to me on the last day we were there.. you didn't even take a picture. She was right, I didn't. I have no idea why.

It was great to get home and spend some time with the kids - all 5 of them!

Other than that.. it took me a little bit to catch up on the sleep. I had to work the following weekend - 3 days, and then on Monday, I had to cut the grass. I mow our lawn and my inlaws - takes about 2.5 hrs to do. I love mowing the lawn actually - give me great thinking time.. and I have my mp3 player giving me great tunes!

Since the last update, I have finished up on a model for Glory Bee (which I will post in my next post), and 3 SFEs. I have them stitched - just need to finish them. I also was working on a quilt project, and hope to have it done in the next few days.

There, now you have it.. now if I can only catch up on my emails.. all 1400+ of them.

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