Oh and I can't forget..

I was asked to make a quilt for a stitching friend for her daughter, so I will refer to it as "Dara's Quilt". Its cross stitch designs with a fairy tale feel to it. So last week, I went to the quilt shop and looked at the Moda wall, and I slurped my tongue, and had at it! I love picking out colors for quilts! I just stuck to the Moda fabrics, and I was lucky enough to find each design a different color. I need to make it in to a lap quilt.

This quilt will have a block feel to it, but I'm going to make it offset alittle - not make it up and down.. but kinda start from a size point, and have fun with it. I have the border fabric and I have the backing, so I'm set to go. I have all the fabric washed, and I just need to iron it. Then it will be onto cutting the blocks, and going from there... So stayed tuned for the WIP of that quilt.

Also, about a month ago, while at Karen's Quilt Shop in Rhinelander, I had spied a quilt book I just had to have. So I came home, and I couldn't take it anymore, I had to order one for myself! So, a week or two ago, I had to stop at the quilt shop, so I picked up the fabrics for my Happy Hour quilt! I love the colors!

So, there are quilt tops in my future!! So if you don't hear from me.. assume I'm really busy!


Shari said...

wow, I don't see much stitching in your future, but lots of beautiful quilts!

valda said...

LOVE the fabric for "Dara's Quilt". Also, love the fabric that you picked out for your "Happy Hour" quilt.

Rachel said...

Wow, Kim!! You are going to be busy!!!! All those fabrics, hmmmm, love them, I would just be in heaven with all those! Luck you!!!

staci said...

Love all of your gorgeous new fabrics! Can't wait to see the beautiful quilts you're going to make!


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