Ive Come to the conclusion...

... I threw it out. Lets leave it at that.

I'm DONE with the searching... Ive sweat too much tonight to not find what I'm looking for. Can I get a big GRRRRR!!

I know exactly where I put it.. but its been over a year (or so), and its not there. I double checked, heck, triple checked. Nope. (I searched for it like I searched for my mp3 player, that I know was stolen out of my suitcase while in Rochester, the first time).

I'm looking for a little brown envelope, and inside the envelope is 21 charms - 3 each of 7.... and dang it. Where the heck is it! I wanna finish up one of the Fireman (Hinzeit) with the charms. Would really help if I could find the charms.

Good thing I got an email saying that a sale was going to be happening soon at A Charming Place


Jennifer said...

Have you tried a little prayer to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things? I'm not especially religious, but he's never, never, never let me down.

anne said...

sleepover http://dragonfly-crafts.blogspot.com/at this blog


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