Post card from Green Bay

Hi Everyone

Having a great time here in Green Bay! I arrived on Monday morning, it has been going by way too fast!

Yesterday we spent it at Bay Beach - its an amusement park. Great rides for the kids! The kiddos and their mom's went to the zoo, and I headed to a Hobby Lobby, and did a great job of not increasing the stash amount too much.

The kids really enjoyed themselves and the N.E.W. Zoo just north of Green Bay. They even got to see 4 day old Lion cubs.

Today we headed over and watched the Packers Training Camp, and spent some time at the Packer Experience. It was exciting to be there (even without Brett)! The girls (Natalie, Kaylee, & Ally) had a blast too! (For the Packer fans - you really need to experience training camp here in Green Bay - totally awesome! The kids stand along side the sidewalks, and offer their bikes.. and a Packer player will ride their bike back to the stadium from the Hudson Center (where they practice), while the kid runs along side or rides on the back with their player.

We were like 8 feet from Donald Driver (#80) as he passed by!!! So real!

Lot of swimming has been done.. Wizard of Oz has been watched way too many times (thanks to Natalie asking for it all the time). Ive put in about 50 stitches since Sunday - so Ive been getting the chance when I do!

Well, we are going for pizza for supper. Will enjoy the rest of the stay here.


Shari said...

looks like everyone is having a blast!!!!! Enjoy your time away!

Stitchermommy said...

Kim, I have nominated you for the Brillant Webblog award. Please stop by my blog and pick up your award!

Vickie said...

Looks like you are having a ball!!!


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