Look what followed me home when..

I came home from work yesterday - 3 quilt patterns, along with the material! Yep! I go to work (at the quilt shop) to play, get myself into trouble, and then come home with 3 quilt projects to make into models! I love that job!

I have only been working at the quilt shop one Saturday a month, and when I'm away, new fabric lines show up with their quilt patterns. Last time I was there, there was a new fabric line called Calais, and I didn't have time to do up a kit to bring home. So yesterday when I was there, I made up 2 kits, one for me and one for sale. These are the fabrics for the Calais. And I'm surprised to find out that they are good sellers.

There were 3 bolts waiting for me when I got there today to open. And wouldn't you know, its a fabric I was searching for back in April to make a pillow with (its almost the same colors and everything). But I saw the quilt pattern by the rest of the fabric that had arrived before these 3 bolts, and I thought, man... I gotta make me one when I'm done with the model. I LOVE the colors! I'm really into this brown/turquoise kick.. and this quilt colors is so ME right now. I'm excited to work on it. The fabric line from Blank is called Marrakesh - and its the Sahara group. We didn't have the turquoise fabric that the pattern recommends, so I just substituted a Moda marble. I think it looks GREAT!

While at work, I was trying to find out what other kind of trouble I could get into.. so I found another line of fabric that we just had gotten, and I asked if a model should be made of the fabric.. Yep.. so I cut some fabric for me. Its called Magnolias.

So, it looks like I cant complain I have nothing to do..


Shari said...

love the bottom stack of fabrics! WOW!!! SO pretty!!!!!

valda said...

Beautiful fabrics! I love the turquoise and brown and the magnolias! Can't wait to see your quilt tops.

Olive said...

Beautiful fabrics! I LOVE the middle set - I've really come to love brown and turquoise together.


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