No Longer a HAED Virgin!

Ever seen a chart you just have to stitch!?!

Well, not long ago there was a release from Heaven And Earth Designs - I just had to stitch it! If you aren't familiar with HAED designs - they are huge and over 1 on 25ct. Well I just put the chart on my mental wish list, and I had just gone on with life. A couple months ago when I was requesting donations for the ILCS Retreat - Vickie thought it would be neat to contact HAED and ask for a donation - well they accepted, and asked Vickie what chart she would like. Well she asked for my favorite HAED! I was aware of her asking. She gave it to me as a thank you for helping with the planning of the retreat. THANK YOU Vickie!!

Well, the chart I'm referring to, is called - "Cabin in The Woods" I just fell in love it from the first time I saw it. So, about 2 weeks ago, it arrived with all my retreat goodies, and I got out the chart, and I was amazed at all the charted pages. The DMC is huge! The only item I was missing was the fabric. Well dear Vickie offered to send me some 25ct fabric. And in the mean time I just kinda worked on other projects, but I was getting the urge to start. Well last Friday, I thought - what the heck, I should check my stash. And lo and behold, I found a piece of 25ct ivory fabric, big enough!

So, I got out the Fray Check, and got the edges prepped, and I was off stitching. So this is my stitching progress for a week! I'm amazed as to how much I have gotten done. I'm stitching it in a staircase manner that Vickie suggested would make it go faster. I have appx 3150 stitches in it so far out of the 169,050. Last night, I could have cried... I was off a row, horizontally. So I had to do some ripping, and I wasn't too happy.. spent more time unstitching, than I did stitching. When I'm done - it will be 14" X 19 1/4" ... and its stitched over 1 on 25ct.

So far this major BAP is bringing me enjoyment!


Jennifer said...

Good for you! I was just looking at some of the HAED designs as I was updating my chart stash list. (I don't own any. I just ran across them in the ONS I was looking in) I kept thinking, "They're GORGEOUS but how could anyone actually stitch one?" I think I would go batty, yet I see several fellow bloggers not only doing them, but doing more than one! So good luck with yours!!! I'll be interested to see your progress.

Michele said...

wow! great start Kim! I'm really going to enjoy watching this one grow .. it's a lovely chart!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

You are very brave. Good luck and Happy Stitching, CJ

Shari said...

this is going to be beautiful Kim!!!!
I love that one myself! I got my first HAED a while back, but haven't begun it yet! I will be anxious to see your progress!

valda said...

I don't have any HAED's myself but I have seen this one myself and it's also my favorite. I can't wait to see more photos of your progress!

Rachel said...

What a great start Kim!! It's going to be lovely when you are finished. I can't wait to see more!!!! ;)

Lisa said...

Kim, great start and a lovely design lol. If you check out my most recent post on my blog you will see my wip of this started in a different place!


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