My weekend & a finish

This past weekend, as you have read in a previous post, I went down to visit, and participate in a craft fair. I went hubby-less, and arrived at my parents about 11am. Shortly after my arrival, Amy, Natalie, and Kaylee showed up, and along with Mom, a friend of the family, and myself headed off to Appleton for the Octoberfest - mainly for the craft fair. Well when we finally parked, we ended up on the 7th and top floor of the parking ramp downtown, and 3 blocks away from the craft fair.

My sister has a 2 seater stroller for the girls, and let me tell you, if I didn't have carpal tunnel before this - I'm sure I was going to have it soon.. LOL that stroller was a chore to maneuver, but we managed! OH MY GOSH..the people! We were shoulder to shoulder with the crowd most of the time, and the craft fair, well lets just say I was more interested in not running into people and less time viewing the crafts- that's for sure! We did manage to listen to the music - since Nat wanted to dance (which she spent the time on her Mommy's shoulders, viewing the band). We left as the raindrops started to fall. We got back to the vehicle and down the parking ramp, and when we pulled out onto the street it was pouring out! We took our friend back to her vehicle and turned around and went back to Appleton to Hobby Lobby! :) I got lots of floss for some exchanges and some floss I needed. And I got a few other goodies.

On Sunday, Mom and I were off to craft fair in Greenville. Shortly Amy was there and we got the tent set up to house our little booth. Jenny also joined us for the day, and we had everything ready to go by 9am. They said there were over 350 vendors involved in the craft fair. It seemed like the people were looking more than they were buying. My mom was the one that sold items (she made about $100), and Amy, Jenny, and I didn't sell a thing! I did get the 12 Blessings - Hope ornament done, and started on the Charity ornament.

It was interesting to watch the customers stop, look, and touch the cross stitch pillows I made to sell. But they weren't interested enough to buy, I guess. My Mom and Amy are going to be in another craft fair on the 14th.

Sunday evening, Dad, Mom, Amy, Nat, Kaylee, and I went out to eat. It was fun! Kaylee is sure a guy magnet for some reason.. LOL On Monday morning I got up, and packed my things, and had to make another stop back to Hobby Lobby to spend the 40% off coupon :) I was home about 1:30p. And by 2:30p I was in bed for a 2 hour nap! I was exhausted, and sick. I was doped up on DayQuill and NyQuill all weekend.

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Missy said...

What an adorable little baby! I only hope ours is so cute! And it is my favorite little jumping monkey girl : )

Some of those strollers really are unwieldy...and more work than we thought!

Glad that you had fun! Hope that you are feeling better now. Hope it goes better at the next show...people always want something for nothing it seems.

Almost there with the ornaments!!! Keep going!



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