Here's the "Update" ~ to be continued...

Hi all - just wanted to point out ... I have changed the name of my blog. It is still the same url address, but the title is changed.. more to suit me I guess. LOL About a year ago I made a quilt, and I called the quilt "Long Lake - Northwoods Discovery", and quilted in the quilt (Thanks LJ!) are words that I have experienced up here since moving 5 yrs ago already! Such words as bears, fishing, camping, woods, etc.

So I thought it was time for a change! So if you have me in your blog roll - you might want to change the blog title, if not, it will still direct you to my blog. Thanks!

Also I have neglected on the SBQ questions, so I have gone back and added the answers to my questions.

And also, I have signed on to be on the Stitching Bloggers Webring I love looking at other stitcher’s creations! So Im just waiting for approval to be allowed on the webring.

I will post more later! I have been working on "Scared Crow" by Bent Creek, and its just stitching up fast! So maybe I will have a picture to show in the next day or two! I have the weekend off, and we have no plans.. well I do.. I plan on watching some scary movies this weekend!

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