Look what can happen in 2 hours time! It began snowing, so I took the camera outside and took some pics.. this was taken at 3:49pm.

I got up from the computer to look outside, look what I saw! The picture below was taken at 5:58pm!


valda said...

Oh my gosh Kim! It's too soon for snow! It is pretty though.

Melissa said...

Kim-love the snow pics. I haven't seen snow in close to 10 yrs. I miss it! Great weather for stitching and soup in the crock pot.

Missy said...

Oh man!!! You just had to rub it in, didn't ya?!?! : )

I shall live vicariuosly through you for my winter weather. It is not natural for this midwestern girl to be sweating and feeling so yucky at this time of the year. I should be looking at the leaves and SNOW!!!

Did it stick?


Cathy said...

Wow you have been busy cranking out those Lizzi Kate ornaments! It's snowing here too. Seems like we hardly had a fall!

Shell said...

ooooh it looks so pretty,hope we get some here in England this year.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful snow picture! I lvove your lizzie kate ornaments on that white Quaker cloth-they look great.

Nicole and Phil said...

very jealous, you already have snow.....I wish it would start here....although the rest of my friends think I am crazy! :)
I can't wait to start making more snowmen in our garden!


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