18 Video Tapes

Its early Sunday morning, and I'm stitching away, watching CMT, and on comes a video, never heard of it, or seen it, so I put the stitching down. I ended up wiping away the tears as I watched it.

Take the time to watch the video, click on the play button, and make sure you grab a tissue!

God bless the American Soldier, please bring them home soon!! God bless the children and spouses for they make the sacrifice, too.
Jason Meadows - "18 Video Tapes"


Chiloe said...

I have only one thing to say: it's not worth it ....

Anonymous said...

Wow that video touches the heart

No clue as to what Chiloe means either... it's not worth it? WTF does that mean?

Keep posting those videos Kim!


Katie said...

Wow! I love music that has a meaning and boy does that have a meaning.

One thing Chiloe could possibly mean...It's not worth it to leave our kids behind to go fight a war. Don't know where I stand on that one. Just an idea.


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