Just because I know how to sew a straight line

doesn't make me an expert in hemming!!


My lovely MIL on Sunday, I guess asked Brian, to ask me, if I could hem a couple of skirts for her. I walked over there on Monday, yes, my inlaws live a stone throw away. My MIL showed me the skirts she had gotten from the Blair catalog, and they were little too long for her liking.

She had pinned where she wanted the length of the skirt to end. So, I brought the skirts home. Last night, Brian said as I was half listening to him, that his Mom would like one of the skirts back by Friday (she has a DR appt which I'm driving her to... 3rd trip to Rhinelander this month! - 63 miles one way...eeek!). Tonight again, he reminding me about one of the skirts being finished for Friday - as I was in the process of working on a couple QHs orders. Brian had said to his Mom, and I would have them for her on Friday, well she said she would need them sooner than that, so she can wear it on Friday (point there)

So I thought, I better do it tonight, as I'm not sure how late its going to be tomorrow night, as we have been invited to BIL & SIL's for a late Thanksgiving dinner yippee, leftovers!, and I guess we are going to be playing Uno for awhile. And I *hope* its not a late evening, as this night owl has to be up early!

As I'm getting ready to hem a skirt, I thought, how in the world am I going to do this... I have never hemmed a skirt before. Guess what!!!...... duh! How about the Hugger method. Yep worked!!! (Of course, I had to cut the fabric to desired length).

So I have hemmed my first skirt! Yay me!... Highlight of my day!

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Vickie said...

WOW!! I don't think I have ever hemmed a skirt either.... WTG!!!


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