Stopped in Crandon

Today while on the way to Rhinelander, I have to go thru Crandon (well I just catch Hwy 8 from Hwy 55). I thought I would seek out the residence of the Crandon shooting that took place on Oct 7th. Nosey, no, just wanted to pay my respects. If you haven't heard about what happen.. you can watch the video explaining what happened.

I sorta had an idea where it was, but wasn't sure.. so I just went south on 8. I recognized one of the buildings from the many pictures I had seen almost 4 weeks ago now. I happen to look down the street, and sure enough. There it stood.

I proceeded down two blocks, and made a right turn. I needed that extra block to prepare myself. I started down the street the house was on. I got closer, and just sorta drove by. I was overwhelmed, so to say. I then drove down to the end of the street, and turned back onto 8. I thought, I need to turn around and go back. I need to say a prayer, and give a moment of silence.

I had a moment just to take everything in. I noticed that the house was across the block from the post office, which was busy while I was there, for a few minutes. What a sad place.. a very visible place. Seen by all that goes to their daily post office run for their mail. What a sad reminder.

I thought I would take a few pictures of the home. It was a simple two story home, curtains all pulled of course. On the porch was flowers and memorials. I just took a few pictures, and drove on my way. In the future, the house will be torn down, and a memorial will be placed.

I began to cry. I don't know, but this tragedy struck me hard. I guess its the fact that it was so close to home, and the way it happened.

Just imagine, behind that door, 6 people lost their lives.


Rachel said...

What a sad situation..I too want to visit that area someday...you did a nice post about it!!

Shari said...

how awful....I remember reading about this in the paper. I just don't understand people. Thanks for sharing

The Chicken Lady said...

How tragic. I just don't understand how people just SNAP.


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