A Kim Update!!

Hi, yes I'm still breathing. Some days I have to catch my breathe, as I have been so dang busy! I check emails daily, save them for later, and by the time I get around to it, a week has past.
So I apologize for that.

QH orders have been coming out of the wood work, and the finished ones have been filling up people's mail boxes.

I just finished up a HUGE quilt project. Just have the pillow shams to design and put together (and it needs to be done by Monday.. eek!) Then it will be onto Karin's quilt to finish up.

I have been receiving Bday cards! Gosh, hard to believe, a year ago when I was knocking on 30, and now here, I am.. I survived.. LOL

As for stitching, I did another model for Debbie Draper, and I got an email she received it yesterday, so the only WIP I have is Inspirations, and I haven't put a stitch in it in over a month now I believe.

Thanks in advance for all the comments! Off to renew my driver's license.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my QSnap Hugger! I absolutely love it, and the service was fabulous! I have bookmarked your blog now so I can read it often! :)

Thanks so much!

Susieq said...

Kim, Love the music on your blog. Who is it? Congrats on the QH orders, I know it makes you very busy, but it is a good busy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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