SFEs from Mylene and Debra

Today in the mail arrived two SFEs (Small Finish Exchange(s)) from Debra and Mylene. What a SFE is, you sign up with a theme you would like to have stitched for you. The others that sign up, also have a theme. Each person is assigned to a month where they will receive their SFEs. Each person then stitches a small finish with the theme, and then they have to finish it into something small. Hence, SFE.

My theme is Quaker. Debra sent this coaster, which I will be using in my stitching area for my drinks to sit on.

And Mylene's pinkeep is going to go on my wall!

Thanks ladies I love both of them!!


Irene said...

The coaster and pin keep both look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am so glad you like the coaster. I was so worried. Debra in Indiana

Vickie said...

Very cute SFE!! They are so cute!!

Shari said...

both are adorable Kim! Mylene & Debra did a great job! You are so blessed to receive them!


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