What a day.....

Well it started out the other day, when I opened up my drivers license renew form, to find out that my SS # and name do not match. Well I already knew that. So today, I traveled over to Rhinelander to the Social Security office with our marriage license, and the form I needed to have filled out.

Got there, there were 3 other ppl waiting, so I thought no big deal. Got my number, and sat and waited. About 10 minutes later, my number was called. Stated why I was there, and gave her the paperwork I needed to have. Got a sheet stating I have a new card coming to me, with my new name on it. Yep, I'm finally a Ritchie! Only took me 5 yrs to do it.. LOL Call me lazy!

So, I went over to the DMV. Walked in and I thought oh crap, oh wow, lots of people. Got my number, 76. Looked up, number 61 was being waited on. Looked for a place to sit. Ok, I have to ask.. why do people sit with a chair inbetween?! I thought, good, I bet the only seat I can find at the moment was the toilet.. LOL So, I went to the bathroom, come out to find a decent seat open. I just sat there, watching people doing their business. Looked around, listen to the number thingy going off, to find my number getting closer. There hung a sign on the wall, no cell phones. So the thought of calling my sister to chat was out of the idea.

"76" Hey that's me! Walked up to the counter... you see my friend from high school, Mom works at this DMV. And I haven't seen her since, I think our wedding. The guy that was going to wait on me, goes, "Kim" and I thought holy crap! But I didn't hear my friends mom saying my name, and she said that once she was done with her customer, she could wait on me. Great, I went back to my seat, which was luckily still open.

Got to the counter. We chit chatted alittle bit, and she took my information and the reason I was there. Explained to her, that I got a notice in the mail with my renewal that I needed to get my name changed on my SS card. We chit chatted some more, I took the eye test.

Guess what! I couldn't renew my license.. LOL It was too soon for the DMV's computer to catch up with the SS's computer. So I have to wait a day, come to find out. So I have to go back to back to the DMV (a 55 mile one way) on the 14th. Just gotta have it all done by my birthday, the 19th.

So from there, I thought I would go over to Culvers and get a scope of the flavor of the day, and heck, and just pamper myself! I was all alone, no one to tell me... are you done yet!? So, off to the shops I went! Went to WalMart, Fashion Bug, Payless, Kohl's, and I even got my hair cut! I like it.. its shoulder length. Was getting real sick of it always coming into my face when I bend forward. Hope to get it highlighted soon.

I did a good job shopping today! Lots of dress tops for work, and I even got Brian his Wisconsin Badger hat that he has been wanting.

Doesn't he look excited!? LOL

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