In Honor of my Birthday

I wanna share the presents...

The present - win a 8" QSnap Hugger - you get to select the fabric!!

You have till Nov 25th to leave a comment to this post, and on Nov 26th, I will draw a name! If you do not have a Blogger account, please leave your email address. Everyone can enter.

Please visit my QSnap Hugger site to take a sneak preview at the many selections of fabrics to chose from.

Thanks to everyone that has left a birthday message, it made my day!!


pam said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I have a birthday in November too (last Friday) and would love to win a HUGGER for my birthday present. How nice of you to share! pj
pjstitcher at mchsi dot com

ENJOY your day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!

Mine is also November, the 21st.

Have a Great Day!

gsking2002at yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I would love to enter your contest. Happy birthday, Kim!!

Linda in NC
schadeg @bellsouth.net

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim! And thanks for sharing your presents!

Rita said...

Happy birthday, Kim! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

You share your bday with my DS Chris who turns 17 today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kim.
I hope you've had a wonderful birthday!

Melanie C.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Please enter me in your contest! What a generous way to share your day! Best wishes from another Wisconite.


Anonymous said...

I would love to enter your contest!
Happy birthday.
Did you know we must be birthday twins as my birthday is also today..November 19th~!!

ChrisW from 123
dcw at hsfx dot ca
Hope you have had an awesome day!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you are having a fabulous day. Thanks for the contest.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday
Huggss Donna


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!
Thanks for the contest.

MaribelB@web.de said...

WOW! Happy Birthday Kim!
Nice of you to share the presents!
I would love to enter the contest!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and happy birthday.
Hope your day was great.

Anonymous said...

pick me pick me! *lol*
actually, i need to use the credit i have with you ... hmmm ... how much $ do i have?

Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Kim! I'm on the LHN group with you. Thanks for the contest! :-)

socalstitcher at gmail dot com

Dorothy said...

Hi Kim,
I just came across your blog! Lovely quilt. Happy belated Birthday and an early Happy Thanksgiving.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for the contest.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

A present for us on YOUR birthday? You shouldn't have, but I won't say no!

Hope you have/had a wonderful day...

Lisa said...

I'd love the chance to win one of your huggers please and a Happy Birthday!!!

Michele said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kim! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you had a great time on your birthday!!!!! Would love to share that same happiness by winning a q-snap hugger. LOL!!!!

Betty in AZ

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy birthday Kim, my sons birthday is today, he is turning 13. I can't believe that he once was a little baby in my arms.


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