Favorite Christmas Movie - The Christmas Gift

As I'm getting ready to sit down and stitch... I grabbed the remote to see what is on tonight, as I'm flipping thru the channels, I stopped a the Hallmark Channel.

I found one of my favorite Christmas movies on! I'm off to watch and stitch!!

Hope this gets me into the mood of Christmas!!!

Starring: John Denver
Color, 96 mins, Not Rated

A 1986 film, John Denver plays George Billings, a successful NY architect who lost his beloved wife a year ago at Christmastime. When he takes his daughter to a small town in Colorado for business reasons, they discover a charming hamlet where everyone, from the oldest grandfather to the smallest child, believes in Santa Claus.

This Christmas classic is a holiday favorite for many, but is hard to find and not yet available on DVD... so I have to settle for the commercials, but then again, every other time Ive watched it, I had to watch the commercials..LOL

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