We got to meet for the first time...

... Princess (My Mom & Dad's almost 9 week old Pug). Nat (my 4yr old niece) told me on our way to the hotel (cause she had to ride with Aunt Kim), that she was going to name her Princess Fiona, but decided on Princess instead.. LOL From the sounds of it, she really ain't no princess at times.. LOL

Lindsey, our 18 day old niece. What a cutie!! FULL head of dark hair!!! Sorry no picture.

AND, we got to spend the weekend with my WHOLE family, as they came up north to visit Uncle Brian and Aunt Kim! Here is the nephew & nieces - Kaylee, Conway, Ally, Nat, and Katie.

I soooo needed that!! Hated to see them leave! Get to see them in two weeks!!


Irene said...

Great needlecase. Princess looks adorable, as do your nieces and nephew.

Shari said...

thanks for sharing the pix Kim!!! Those kids are all so adorable & so is the pup! How fun!!!!


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