Cabin in the Woods WIP Picture

About 2 weeks ago I stitched quite a bit on the Cabin - but for the past two weeks, I haven't even touched it. With having company, and then going down state to visit.. I had no time to even think about stitching. (But I did have a finish while at my sister's - but I cant share as its for someone's SFE)

So, last night I put about 400 stitches in it.. and so here is my progress up to this post.

I have 2 mini pages done, and almost a complete full page done. I have started stitching the page to the right. I have about 5% of the design stitched.


Karol said...

It is coming around real nice. Looking forward to seeeing the continued progress.

Pumpkin said...

My goodness Kim, that is one solid design!!!! For 5%, you've really got a lot done it seems. I guess looks can be deceiving ;o) LOL!


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