Debra's SFEFlip Flop Magnet - SamSarah Designs

I've received word that Debra has received her SFE. Her theme was Flip Flops. For me, finding a pattern wasn't a problem, it was the thought of what to finish it into. I wanted it to be unique.

So, I thought, I would make it into a magnet. It was alot of fun to make! Will have to make more in the future.

Here is, "Flip Flops" from SamSarah Designs. I stitched it on 32ct Sand. I used some variegated floss that I had here... not even sure of the names. I used beads to give it some dimension.

Stay tuned -- I should have another finish tomorrow to show off! Just finishing the hand stitching on the binding.


Karol said...

Cute Finish!!

becca said...

What a great gift. Very cute!

staci said...

Very cute...I'm a flip-flop kind of gal too ;)

Debra said...

Kim, I love it! Thank you so much!


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