PIF from Irene

Awhile back, I signed up on Irene's blog to do the PIF, where you sign up, and then you pass it on to someone via your blog. I received the PIF from Irene.

Thank Irene!! She sent me this adorable pin cushion with the 'K' on one side, and the heart style design on the other. And she included a note pad with a K on it also.

Thanks Irene!! I have it next to my stitching light, to remind me of the friends I have made from groups and blogging.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely PIF. Now that I'm in blogger too, I can post comments. I just love reading about your quilts & of course your stitching. Great job of those fun shirts!

Debra said...

Kim, Irene did a great job. I have the same one, minis the "K", in my sewing room that was sent to me from Leandre.
Debra in Indiana

staci said...

Very sweet PIF :)

Karol said...

I have awarded you the love your blog award!

Pumpkin said...

Irene did a beautiful job! Don't you just love getting special things from special people :o)

Michelle said...

What a beautiful gift!

Happy Anniversary too!


Lelia said...

How delightful : ) Enjoy planning your new RR


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