Thank you shirts ...

While in Green Bay, my sister and I were talking about doing something special.. like the committee wearing tshirts of thanks. And for some reason.. an idea popped into my head.

Why not have the grandkids have shirts that say thank you! Off to Hobby Lobby, and what was great was during that week - the tshirts were on say for 50%. So I picked up a shirt for each kid. For the youngest, I picked up a bib, as she is too small for a shirt (they didn't have any her size).

We checked out the fabric markers, and I found these Fabric Markers from Crayola. I thought, wow, all the colors we would need to make the shirts. So I purchased 2 packages (only really needed one.. but I have it for future use). And I purchased a fine point black marker. And one of those cardboard cut outs shaped like a shirt.

Today, I was moving some stuff around, and I happen to come upon the shirts. My brain gears started to churn, and this is what I came up with.

What I did... I went to my Mircosoft Works on my computer, and played with some of the fonts, and when I found the ones I wanted, I enlarged the letters, and printed it out.

I put the printed out letters under the shirt, and traced the letters on shirt, thru the fabric. The word "Thanks" is just kinda placed in different ways. It went really good! The only problem I had was the white shirts.. don't know.. but the black didn't want to come off the marker, so I had to double it places. When I was done, all I had to do was color in the letters. I just did a multi color scheme for the "Thanks" and for "Grandpa" each has the same color blue. I don't know if you can notice, but under the ! is a red heart to dot the !.

And for it being a quote from the kids, for who's shirt it was, I just did a "~" and put their name. Just had to iron it when I was done for 4 minutes on cotton setting on the iron. I think that they turned out really CUTE!!


Vicky L said...

WOW!!! They came out great Kim! Maybe you can do some for the retreat. It is a wonderful ideal and you did a great job with the fonts. I really like them!

Renee said...

They turned out GREAT Kim!!!!

Shari said...

what a neat idea! They are adorable!

Karol said...

Turned out really cute Kim!

staci said...

What a clever idea! The tee's turned out really cute :)

Milly~ said...

Love the t-shirts!!! What a cute idea.


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