Mare's SFE - Heart Stitcher - Cube It finish!

I just read that Mare received her SFE! YEA!! Her theme was black cats/hearts. For the last exchange, I stitched her a cat. This time I wanted to do a heart.

So, I had the luck of seeing this design on someone else's blog (Hi Renee!), and I just had to find it and stitch it. It didn't take long to stitch it up. The reason its green, is cause Mare had said she liked greens. It turned out to be a greenish blue (from using a variegated thread), but I loved it! I stitched it on a piece of 28ct white evenweave.

I, of course finished off the design as a cube. I had made this one, along with the Little Cups of Friendship, the same day.. and I had a blast making them!
And now they all have new homes. Enjoy ladies!!


Debra said...

Beautiful finishing!!!

Meari said...

They're all beautiful! Where did you get the heart design?

Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

I LOVE love your tea cup cube!!!!!

CJ said...

Kim -

I love the cubes, especially the tea cups.


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