Good Bye Brett Favre.....

January 1996, I remember sitting in the living room of my parent home, watching the Green Bay Packers become Super Bowl Champs. I have my sweatshirt still from that year, stating the Super Bowl win. Oh, and the hat with the Orleans art, stating the champions. And I remember the following year watching the same team, lose in their next Super Bowl appearance. Ive been to two Packer games, once against the Chicago Bears, and the last game, about 7 yrs ago, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And at one time, I had a button that stated, "God must be a Packer Fan"

To be honest I've never really knew football. My life didn't revolve around it and I never really understood what all the excitement was about. That started to changed when Brett Favre became the rage.

The game itself wasn't any different but I sure developed a thrill for watching Brett throw the football. Whether it was Freeman, Sharper, Driver catching the ball, it was a complete pass that got the ball further down the field. It was the look on Brett's face that played out. It was the excitement of us all.

When Brett retired I understood. I have to say I was heart broke. I felt let down. Football is a demanding sport and at some point each and every player must walk away from the game. I was sorry that time had come for Brett but I would also remember him for the champion he was and never would I question his decision to call it quits.

All this "talk" in Green Bay about moving on... "the train is leaving the station.. are you going to be on it". What I do understand is that Brett decided he wanted to play and after everything he's given both the team and the fans, we turned our back on him. I understand his feelings of betrayal. I understand his bitterness in all of this. What I don't understand is how we could spit in his face after all the years of excitement and glory he has brought to the Packers. If I remember correctly, the Packers weren't much to talk about in the decade prior to Favre. If anything Favre gave the fans something to cheer about and that is what its all about. I realize that each man on the team is what makes a team successful. There are many other great players and I don't mean to minimize their role but Brett is the big issue right now.

I just wonder when they retire the number 4, how the fans within the stadium will present themselves. I feel that Brett needs the respect that he earns, especially after needing to wear someone elses colors. Im sure alot of hard words were said, and words that can not be forgotten.

Truth be told I'll go where Brett goes. Why? Because as I said before I enjoy watching him throw the football. I just hope where ever he goes he gets a team that will enable him to shine. I hope he has a talented offensive line. I'll watch Favre throw for as long as he plays the game.

Will I watch the Packers? I'll still watch the Packers but for different reasons now. They are after all in my blood. I'll even give Rodgers the chance to earn my support. However I won't just give it to him like so many fans have blindly done. I don't think Packer football will be nearly as exciting this year.

Goodbye Brett! I've enjoyed watching you all these years. You were the one player that gave me football fever. The excitement you brought to the game made me excited about the game and I'll never forget the 16 years you played for us. You'll always be the best quarterback that ever played the game. Not only because of the records you hold but because your enthusiasm was so contagious it spread through your teammates and right to the fans. May your best game be the worst game you ever have.

So long Brett, I wish you the best! Thanks for bringing so much excitement to your Wisconsin fans - and fans around the world. You will always be #1 in my book!


Jennifer said...

For the most part, I think Brett is a classy guy and a great player, but I don't agree with how he jerked his team around. Retiring, wanting to come back, demanding to be traded, etc. Lots of people told him to hold off on retiring for a while, give himself time to think about it, but he went ahead with it and almost immediately wanted to come back.

I'm a Cowboys fan, but I feel the fans of Green Bay were disrespected by Brett. It's not hard to anticipate there would be this kind of drama and turmoil when he wants to come back after the team has publically stated they're moving on. I feel that he should have lived with his decision to retire and done what's best for his team. He had a great run, did Green Bay proud, and could have gone out a hero. Instead he's going to be playing for the Jets. Really? That's the way you want to go out??

I felt the same way about Emmitt Smith. He shouldn't have been anything other than a Cowboy, and when he went to Arizona, it was very hard to accept that. I know he still felt he had football in him, but clearly he was wrong, and he ended up coming back to the Boys just so he could retire as one of them. I was so afraid Troy Aikman would want to play somewhere else, and I'm glad he retired when he did.

When you're the face of the team for so long and have so much success, I think you need to set your own feelings aside and honor the team and the town you played for by exiting gracefully and with dignity. I hate to think that Favre's legacy has been tarnished by this episode, but in truth, it has. And it will definitely be interesting to see how the Green Bay fans react to retiring his number. Brett should thank his lucky stars that he's not a Philadelphia Eagle. Those fans would crucify him!!!

Michele said...

This is a hard one to understand for sure Kim. I always had a lot of respect for Brett until all this. We will never all know the truth, but the word on the internet and on sports talk shows sounded much like Brett had orchestrated all this. Like when he first started talking to the Vikings, before coming "out of retirement". I feel bad for everyone. The Packards were designing a new offense around the fact that Brett was gone. They had a Qback they were trusting with the new direction. I really don't think that Aaron Rodgers deserved to have all these distractions.

We've been talking alot about this at home .. my youngest Robert (20) wants to be a sports journalist .. anyway, Robert said he believes that Brett wanted to retire, but when he did, he didn't know how to do "life" not being a Qback .. not being in football. It all makes perfect sense. I just wish Brett had gone to the Packers and the fans and said I've made a mistake, I really don't want to retire .. can you help me play football somewhere.

I wish him the best with the Jets and I wish Aaron the best with the Packards.

p.s., I'm sure there will be lots of tears and cheers when they retire his number .. I truly don't believe the fans have forgotten what he gave them .. he is part of Packard history and always will be.

sorry for the long post! lol

Rachel said...

I'm definitley a Jets fan now watching Brett and I hope he takes them to a division win!!

I feel bad for the way the Packers treated him when he did "make" the packers who they are today...so sad!!!

I think we will find out early on in the season that the Packers made the WRONG decision...should be interesting!!!


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