Catching up...

Since the posting on Saturday night - Ive had a hard 3 days. I had worked a 4 day stretch, on by Tuesday night, I was already in overtime. 2 hrs to be in fact - and I still have to work Friday (but that is where I get the overtime, once I work that day.) And the fact too.. I'm only part time - only suppose to be working 30 hrs a week there. So, that's where I have been for the past few days.

Friday night I did put about 250 stitches, and then last night I did about another 250, so I'm just moving right along..LOL Its just a big blob of grey, but its 500+ more stitches in.

I received word on Saturday that the table runner I made for Michele arrived, and she really loved it... you can read all about it here. She said her husband said that she couldn't take a picture of the table runner till she had a table cloth to compliment the runner. :) I'm sharing the picture that she shared with me.

Also, Vickie posted on her blog a picture of the Winnie the Pooh tree skirt that I helped her create. I love how it really turned out since seeing it under the tree. On her blog she also has a picture of her whole Disney Christmas tree. Check it out!!

Ladies, thanks again for contacting me and allowing me to help put your ideas to work, and that you love your end result :)

Whats on the agenda for today - well, I have the "plan" of putting the quilt #2 together - but its one of those days, where my oomph has no umph. So I'm just taking it slllllooowwww and steady. But stay tuned.. I'm sure you will be hearing a hooting and hollering. Tomorrow the goal is to get the backing fabric for the two quilts, as I have to make a trip to Rhinelander (the big city) to take my MIL to her Dr appt. So I'm going to stop by the LQS there and go to WalMart to see what kind of selection I have to chose from.

And, I got some exciting news yesterday .. Ive been staying away from eBay for some time.. well I was "snooping" around, and I found a really good auction. I put in a bid... was outbidded a couple days later. Put in another bid, had 35 minutes left in the auction. Left for work. Got to work, checked to see if I won. And I DID!! I got a really awesome deal! So stay tuned till I get my awesome deal! I was so happy, it made my rest of the day go better, yesterday.

Also, I want to wish my parents - a HAPPY 42nd ANNIVERSARY today!! Love you Mom and Dad!!


Milly~ said...

Beautiful table runner Kim! How sweet that your parents have been married for so long. Congrats to them.

Debra said...

Beautiful finishes Kim.
Debra in Indiana

Michelle said...

Beautiful finishes.. I read about this on Michele's blog..



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