Girl's Quilt # 2 done


Thursday I got the backing fabric and batting for the girls quilts. I came home from shopping, got the material washed, cut, and sewed back together. I spent about 1.5 hrs pinning the quilt top (had to use my inlaws table as my workspace), and then I came home that evening and quilted. I got it all quilted, and I was super happy. This was my first *bigger* quilt top I have done machine quilting with my sewing machine - there is nothing fancy at all. Just stitched along the seam to square out the fabric squares. Gives it a good puffy effect.

While quilting the quilt, I had a hard time pushing the fabric thru at times. I got an idea! I had pair of garden gloves that had a rubber texture on the outside of the gloves, and they helped!! But, I couldn't use them much, and I found out that when quilting, I needed my sense of touch to feel if the batting or backing material was bunching up. But it helped when I needed the little help.

I worked Friday, and was super tired, and I was in bed early.

Saturday I worked at the quilt shop. I closed the store and had to actually let people know that the stored closed at 5pm, when it was already 5:15pm. After I got out of work, I stopped and bought dinner. Got home, and started working on the binding for the quilt. I used the remaining fabric from the backing of the quilt. Worked out great! I started to hand stitch the binding on last night, and then I started playing slots on Pogo, and then I discovered Yahtzee on Pogo, I was hooked! After I played several games awhile, I went back to the binding.

Today I spent about 5 hrs on the binding, and finally am happy to say its done! Kaylee's quilt is finished!

The pattern is Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs. I used 18 fat quarters in different "girly colors". I made a twin size.

This is not the quilt top that is pictured below. I have now to work on that quilt top, and get it quilted and bind, before the 19th.


Brenda Lou said...

Great job on that quilt!! That is one of the things on my "to learn" list for one day :)

Irene said...

The quilt looks wonderfuL !


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