Garden Inspiration Table Quilt

I got a steal of some charm packs on eBay a couple weeksago. I as soon as I got them in the mail I made up this little table quilt. I think its so darn cute!

What I did was cute the square in half, sewed two different fabrics together. Then I cut them again in half. And then arranged them in to this layout.

It was so quick and easy to make. I actually was working on sewing the binding together the day of MIL's fall. And I had started the project at 11am that morning, and got the call about 3:15. Well with everything going on, I brought it along last weekend to work on the hand sewing of the binding. Well guess what! I ran out of thread..LOL I was able to finish it up Christmas Eve.

This is going to be gifted to a coworker.


Julie said...

I love the plaids in this table topper. I especially like the greens.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to a fellow Quilting Kim!


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