"Uncle Brian" a drawing by Natalie

I had texted my sister to tell her something, and she called me back to talk. As we were on the phone with my sister, and we were talking away - and she tells me that Natalie (my 5 yr old niece) was drawing a picture, and my sister mentioned it looked like Uncle Brian.

My sister told me that she would send me the picture of the drawing Natalie had done... this is it.

We received it via email, about busted a gut laughing. I showed it to Uncle Brian, and he said that he needed a body and more muscles. So I texted her back and told her that it was OMG IS THAT CUTE!! Brian asked for some muscles next time!!

This is what came several minutes later .... this time with help from Mom of course.

Thanks Amy and Natalie for the laughs tonight!! We sure needed them for all that has been going on lately!

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Amy said...

Your Welcome! I think Natalie is going to be a artist when she grows up. What do you think? lol


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